Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I don't need an iPod

I have been running since I was a teenager and have never liked listening to music while I run. Recently I started thinking about why I prefer to run in silence and I think it is because it is the one time during the day when I get to be alone and think. My head is clear and it's just me and the pavement. Besides, I would miss so many things if I was distracted by an iPod.
Example 1: I was running by the local karate studio last week when I observed a guy with no shirt on instructing a younger guy on how to properly do a push up. While he was doing the demonstration he had a lit cigarette in his mouth. hmmmmm...let me show you how to get stronger while I fill my body with cancer.
Example 2: Last week I saw the following sentence written on the ground in sidewalk chalk. "Don't be a a**" Hmmmmm, the irony was too much. I believe that should be written, "don't be an a**"
It's also Jacaranda and Agapantha season and the world is abloom in purple!!! So beautiful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A true friend

What's the difference between a friend and a "good" friend. I'll tell you. A good friend goes with you on her day off of work (when she could be at the beach) to California Adventure to help you manage your traveling circus (aka Blake, Julia and Cole). A good friend takes a zillion pictures of your kids with her amazing new camera. A good friend deals with your oldest 2 while you nurse the baby AGAIN and AGAIN. A good friend helps you find your oldest child when he runs away from you at said amusement park. A good friend holds your 2 month old on several rides in her arms and then happily carries him around in the baby carrier too. A good friend entertains your kids and makes them smile. A good friend entertains you and makes you smile too. THANKS TIFFANY!!!!! You are such a wonderful friend and we all love you. We appreciate you giving up your day to come play with us. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If you give your two year old a fudgesicle.........

Remember this next time: Not only does she need to eat it outside, all her clothing must be removed before eating.

And if the 2 year old wants to paint, don't let her have the biggest paintbrush, because in a matter of five minutes all of the pink paint in the jar will be on her and the table.

It's a good thing she's so cute, because this kid sure is messy.
It's pretty amazing how much Spray n' Wash I go through.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We love this guy

Happy Father's Day!!
At their age, my children are only beginning to realize how lucky they are that this man is their father. I walked into the living room today and caught sight of the scene below. Daddy and Cole were all snuggled up and taking a nap.
As a little girl, my Dad used to take me to the bank with him after work occasionally. It was a simple gesture on his part, but it meant the world to me. When you are child #6 out of 7, it is easy to feel lost amongst the many other siblings, but I always knew my Dad loved me individually. On this day of honoring fathers, I feel so blessed to have been given such a wonderful father.
Now as a parent myself I know what a treat it is when Mike takes one of our kids to the bank or post office with him at the end of the day. The kids squeal with delight when they see Mike after work and they are always so excited to go somewhere with him. I feel so blessed to have Mike as the father of our children. I am so grateful for the loving, kind and fun father he is. I could not do it without him.

Daddy and Cole -2009
Daddy and Julia-2007Daddy and Blake-2005

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The shirt says it all!

I love this shirt that my friend Laura gave Cole. It pretty much describes his whole existence right now. All he needs is to be fed and held (and get his diaper changed of course). We love this little guy. He is really starting to smile now and it just melts my heart everytime I see my sweet boy smile at me.
His eyes are getting more blue everyday. Looks like all boys in our family have light colored eyes and all girls have brown eyes. (if only I could figure out how to not make him look like he has red eyes in every picture)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Way to Go Mike and Blake

On Saturday, Mike ran a 5K and did really well. He then participated with Blake in a 1K kids fun run. Blake loved running a race and getting his own race t-shirt and number. Now, how do I convince Mike to run a half marathon with me?
In the picture above, please observe the awesome dude standing to the right of MIke. I made Mike and Blake go stand close to that guy so I could pretend like I was taking a picture of them, but really I wanted a picture of him. Is there anything more frightening than a very hairy, middle aged man with his shorts pulled up too high, walking around with no shirt on. When I say hairy, I mean hairy. Please see below to get a close up of this dude. And if you happen to have a very hairy loved one, please DO NOT let him roam around after running his race without his shirt on. NO ONE THINKS IT'S SEXY!!!!
If only I had a picture of his hairy back......

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blueberries !!!

I think that blueberries are the most wonderful food on the face of the planet. Yummy and nutritious, I could eat them all day long everyday. We went blueberry picking at the local farm on Saturday and Blake helped me pick over 3 pounds of yumminess while Mike took a ride on the farm tractor with Julia and Cole.
I always have great plans for using my fresh berries, but alas, they usually are gobbled up before I can do anything with them. I used up the last bit of them making this delicious blueberry, lemon walnut cake. And so there it is, 3 pounds of blueberries gone within 24 hours of picking them. I guess we need to go back to the farm and pick some more.

Up until a few years ago I didn't even know that blueberries grew in CA. I always thought of them as being a Pacific Northwest fruit.
Hopefully Cole enjoys his blueberry milk because I'm sure that I singlehandedly ate about 2 of the 3 pounds we picked.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attack of the baby Acne

My poor baby's face is currently covered in baby acne. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? (besides waiting it out)