Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kindergarten is for little kids.

When Blake finished his last day of school a few weeks back he very proudly announced that he was no longer a kindergartener. "I'm in first grade now" is what we heard a million times during the first week of summer break.

I really could not have asked for a more amazing, talented, kind and just generally wonderful teacher for Blake. Everytime I volunteered in the classroom I was blown away by how great she was with the kids. Thank you thank thank you Mrs. Walker!!!!!! I wish she could be Blake's 1st grade teacher but alas, I'll just cross my fingers that Julia gets her next year. Wow, I can't believe how quickly the school year flew by. Pretty soon he'll be going off to college.....well not that soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This is one of my most favorite pictures. It was just a candid shot taken by my friend Alyssa at the wild animal park last month but I think it captures so much. The joy of both father and son is so evident. I love this man for so many reasons but on Father's Day I honor him for being the kind of father that will bless his children all through their lives. I hope our sons can follow in his footsteps and be great fathers someday.

Happy Father's Day Mike!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 hours of freedom

30 hours of kid free fun this weekend with this cute guy. We had a great time. On Firday night we enjoyed going to the temple, eating at one of our oldtime favorite Thai restaurants from our dating days. And then my ultimate dream of riding the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pierwas finally realized. (hmmm sometimes I wonder if I am a small child) I have wanted to ride that thing FOREVER and I finally got to.

This is us on the ferris wheel. I could hardly contain my excitement. I only wish I had a picture of our view, but alas my camera is really really lame.

Eating my favorite treat in the world, Pinkberry.

Lemon pancakes made with love by Mike.

Mountain biking in beautiful Cheseboro park. I probably exclaimed at least 500 times how beautiful the wild flowers were. It's that time of year.

And finally we topped it off with dinner at the local Indian restaurant. After 30 hours of fun we returned to real life. Thanks Rebecca and Dave for making this possible. I'm sure it wasn't really that fun having children ages 9,8,7,6,5,4,3 and 2 all weekend. :) But most importantly thanks to wonderful Mike for always being my loving partner in every adventure from crazy dates to crazy children!!!!