Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheese Glorious Cheese

It's no secret that I love cheese. Havarti, gorgonzola, muenster, provolone, jalapeno jack, fontina, asiago, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, romano, gouda, goat cheese, cream cheese, blue cheese, queso fresco, warm brie with pears, melted cheese, sliced cheese, shredded cheese.......yum yum yum. What could be better than cheese????? On any given day I have several types of cheese just waiting for me in my fridge. Sorry but I could never be a vegan because I don't think soy cheese would do it for me.

However, there is one type of cheese that I generally avoid, FETA. I've always thought of it as being way too dry, salty and just kind of bitter. Really I could do without it. Now I'll get to my point. A few weeks ago I was at my Mom's and she pulled out a small box of feta cheese to put on top of our salad. I kind of groaned but she promised me that this was GOOD. She had purchased it at her local international market on recommendation from the owner. Ow wow, she was right. This is the best feta I have EVER eaten and has totally changed my mind about feta cheese. It has a very creamy(not dry) consistency, kind of similar to goat cheese that just melts in your mouth.

Today I almost peed my pants with excitement when I saw the same brand at our local produce market. Thank you Valley Produce for making all my cheese dreams come true.

You have to try this cheese.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fazendo Arte

In Brasil when a child is acting out or doing something mischievous the parent often tells the child to stop "fazendo arte" or translated, 'making art'. Well Julia was quite literally "fazendo arte" a few weeks ago. Please refer to the above work of art drawn all over her bedroom carpet. And this was a HUGE picture by the way.