Friday, July 31, 2009

What could be better than: 4 wheeling with daddy,

Riding Buttermilk the horse,

Tractor rides with "Big" Grandpa, snuggling with Big Grandpa and little grandma,
Playing with cousins,

and eating of course!!!!!!

especially marshmallows and smores!!!

We had a great time visiting Mike's family in Southern Utah. Mike and I even ran a 5k race together-yes together. I think this was the first time in my whole like that I hve actually ran an entire race with someone. Let me say that running at 7,000ft above sea level nearly killed me but Mike was my cheerleader the whole time and it was fun.

We also enjoyed an amazing thuderstorm and beautiful evenings filled with giant stars.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cole's Big Day

On Sunday, Cole was blessed at church. We are so appreciative to all of the family and friends who traveled from near and far to make the day a special one. Blake enjoyed playing with lots of cousins. I had to take a picture of the fruit and dessert table before it was destroyed. Don't the berries look divine.

All the kids love cousin Andi.
Mike's Mom and Aunt. Thanks for traveling so far to come!
My Mom and BOTH sisters. Hooray for Carol being home from Spain.
My Mom stayed up with me until 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning to get all the food ready for the "quesadilla bar".
I wish I could have taken pictures of everyone but I was so preoccupied with the food that I only got these few.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fabric Fabric

I don't spend my money on nice shoes, purses, or expensive jewelry. But I am a total sucker for beautiful fabric. I love FABRIC. The possibilities are so endless and it's fun thinking about all the things I can make with this new stash. I went downtown last Saturday with a good friend and came back with yards and yards of heavily discounted designer fabric. They had a giant table full of half off stuff and I stocked up. You know you are addicted when you bought a lot but still want more.
3 years ago, my sister Carol offered to let me borrow her serger while she was in Spain for 3 years. For the first several months it just sat on my sewing desk, because I was kind of afraid of it. A serger can be overwhelming when you first learn how to use it because there are 3-5 different spools of thread all going at once. But once I got the hang of it, I used it ALL THE TIME. I really credit this machine to helping me become a much better seamstress. I'm very sad to part with it. Hopefully I can convince my husband to give me one for my birthday/Christmas this year. And I just can't resist posting a picture of Mr. Smiley.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Bye beloved piano

Tomorrow the piano movers are coming to take our beloved borrowed piano back to its rightful owners. Thank you dear sister for letting us enjoy your wonderful piano for the 3 years you lived in Spain. We loved it. It brought our family great joy. Mike loved playing it and I loved listening to him play it.
Hopefully our neighbors enjoyed Mike's impromptu recital at 11:oopm tonight.