Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This has been a great week at our home. Julia Jean was blessed in church on Sunday and it was so wonderful to have friends and family from near and far come for the event. She looked so beautiful in her dress. I was so happy that the dress turned out just like I had invisioned. Thanks Mom for sewing it all together.
Alyssa and Britain came and stayed with us for a week and we had so much fun with them. Alyssa was my right hand woman in the kitchen, helping me to prepare the lunch for our 40 friends and family who came. Aren't those cupcakes she made so cute.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Adult Supervision Required

This is what happened when Blake was left unattended for 2 minutes the other day. He successfully "unplanted" about 20% of the pansies that my Mom planted a few weeks back. But how could I even be mad because he was "verking"(working). I love my little man.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Fond Farewell to Grandma

Grandma died on Wednesday at age 98. When I tell people that my grandma died they offer their condolences and say they are sorry, but I'm not sorry that she died. I'm actually happy for her because she has been waiting to die for a long time. Grandpa died 25 years ago, her son (my dad) died 10 years ago and all of her siblings and friends have been dead a very long time. She lived a very long and full life and she was ready to go. I imagine she had a very happy reunion with all of her family and friends. Even though we will all miss her spunky spirit and zest for life, I know she is in a better, happier place. Goodbye Grandma and I hope you are dancing with Frank up there. And thanks for always entertaining us with your hilarious stories about life.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My 2 Alarm Clocks

I have 2 alarm clocks. One is a delightful little newborn that sets her own "wake up bell" and because of that I rarely need to use the other alarm clock. My first little alarm clock is making very good progress, as the past 2 nights she has gone to bed around midnight and slept for 7 solid hours. YIPPEEEEEE. Now my second alarm clock whose name is "Oregon Scientific" is a very fascinating little piece. He comes with a little button that I can push to see the time reflected on the ceiling and he features a thermometer as well so I always know how hot or cold it is in our room. The other interesting feature on the aforementioned clock is that I never need to set his time. Somehow he always knows what time it is. I find it somewhat weird and creepy that he "adjusted" to daylight savings on Sunday. I mean how did he know that President Bush decided to change daylight savings this year. Does that weird anyone else out as well. Mike laughed at me when I told him this because as we all know, this clock simply receives its info from some satellite somewhere, but still, I think it's weird. Weird weird weird!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I knew I should have never done it

Every time I look into the mirror I want to scream. Up until last year I had "virgin" hair, meaning that I had never colored it. Pretty much I have had the same "hairstyle" for many many years if you can call it that. I am just not that into hair, or makeup for that matter. Case in point: After my cousin cut my hair crooked in college, poor Julianne had to beg me to go to a real salon to fix it. It didn't bother me because the crooked part was in the back and I couldn't see it but apparently it must have been pretty bad. Anyway, last year my hairstylist friend Mandy convinced me to highlight my hair just to see if I liked it. For some random reason I decided to do it. Now I'm stuck. Either I have to keep on doing it or it looks really really scary. I have to admit that I do like the highlights, I just have poor follow through skills and I let too much come in the way before getting it done. Well it's been almost 5 months now since my last haircut/highlighting event and I really need an appointment. Please Mandy make me look normal again. It's like I have ring around the collar, only it's ring around the hair.
I tried to take some pictures of the scary hair to post but they didn't turn out so well and Mike is not here right now so this is all you get.