Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome Elise Jewell

Our sweet new baby girl , Elise Jewell, was born on march 30. I had asked my doctor to induce me a week early to try and avoid a big baby, but alas she only consented to inducing me three days before my due date. Thank goodness we didn't wait for Elise to come on her own because she weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 1oz. At this point in the game I shouldn't be surprised but I thought for sure she would be smaller since she was a girl. I do not build small babies, and I have no idea why because no one else in my family births toddlers.

Anyway, it's strange to be a family of six now. We all are enamored with this sweet little girl. We are also surprised at the amount of hair she has. She has a full head of brown hair. I am so used to bald babies.

I am grateful to my mom who was able to come out and stay with us for over a week. I always cry when she leaves because I wonder how I can possibly do it on my own. Funny to think about life when I just had Blake. I am also grateful for Mike's accounting firm that gave him two weeks of paid paternity leave. The kids have been so excited to have daddy home. And of course I have been so appreciative of his presence. What a wonderful daddy he is.

About her name, Elise is just a name we liked and she is named Jewell after Mike's wonderful Grandmother Jewell. All of our children have family names for middle names and I think this gives them a link to their wonderful heritage.


Lisa said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! She is adorable and those cheeks...perfection! I hope you are recovering well and the adjustment to 4 is as smooth as possible. You are going to do great. Congrats again and can't wait to see you and meet Elise sometime soon!

Emily said...

What a lucky, lucky toddler to have you for a mom!

Lauren said...

A beautiful family of SIX! Elise is adorable. I love her cheeks - so kissable!

Joel (Bob) and Dresden said...

I've been on pins and needles for pictures... Congratulations! She looks so adorable!

Tiffany said...

Birth a toddler. HA! Too Funny. I am going to be in your area next Saturday, can I come by for a visit?

merideth said...

congrats amy. so great she is here. what a beautiful name!!

luke&whit said...

I think she's precious!! Call me if you ever need an extra set of hands!

Emily said...

She is such a cute chubbers! She looks like Blake's clone too! By the way, love the diaper bag you made. Super cute!!

Amy said...

Amy your baby is so so sweet. Welcome to the world of 4 kids. It's the same as three.....VERY BUSY!! I loved catching up on your blog. You looked so good right before having a baby. And, I love the dresser. It looks so good and Julia's room is so cute. Nice job!! miss you

Eardley Fam said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Love her name. 10 pounds-you go girl! Those cheeks are are soo kissable.

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