Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nesting Projects

There's nothing like being 9 months pregnant to getting a LOT of projects done. I am in full nesting frenzy. My kind mother was nice enough to come spend a few days with us to help with some of these projects.

We sanded, primed and painted a dresser. I have to say that using a power sander was awesome.

We purchased fabric and made curtains for the girls' room which I really love. We washed tons of baby clothes and blankets. And last but not least we purchased an awesome bedroom set off of Craigslist. Love Craigslist.

And of course no project would be complete without a little "undoing" by the little people. 5 seconds before our dinner guests arrived tonight, Mike found Julia's blinds in this state. Apparently she thought it would be a good idea to cut the strings holding the slats in her blinds.
I guess I should count my blessings that she didn't cut her new curtains or bedspread or take a Sharpie to her new bedroom furniture, but really............. Too bad she only has 30 cents in her piggy bank to help pay for the damage. Oh kids.


rebecca said...

Yikes! Why oh why?!! I want to see all your nesting in real life. The girls' room looks so cute! I love the pink glow of their room. It is so adorable and girly. Great job on creating the perfect room for your daughterS!

Lauren said...

Nice work on the dresser! The whole room looks great and I love the owls. I particularly loves how much Julia seems to love the owls. :-)

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